Septic Bacteria Additive More Important in Cold Weather

Septic Bacteria Additive Boost Microbes in Crucial Winter Months

Septic bacteria additives are not new to the marketplace.  They have been proven to be highly effective for homeowners with older systems that have begun to struggle.  Recently, however, scientists have released information stating that the use of septic bacteria additives are even more important during the cold winter months.

Experts agree, many homeowners tend to forget about their septic systems until the spring.  When they are outside again, when things have thawed out.  Problem is that many homeowners greet spring with a whole new set of trouble, septic drain field failure among them.  Septic Bacteria Additive support can be the difference between your septic system surviving the winter months.  When it comes to septic treatment, the most important thing that you can do is manage the bacteria levels within your system.  Anti bacterial soaps, bleaches and household cleaners all kill germs.  Problem is that it continues killing germs (bacteria) once it is deposited into the septic tank.  This reduces your systems ability to breakdown solid waste and paper, which leads to these items collecting in the drain field.  Otherwise considered drain field failure.

While laundry detergent and cleaners are the number one culprit for bacteria kill off, the cold weather has proven to have an interesting effect on bacteria.  The colder the weather, the slower the bacterial activity. The the need for septic bacteria additives.  Essentially, even with a healthy supply of bacteria, the cold could impact your system enough to cause lasting problems in just a few months time.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to provide your system plenty of septic bacteria additive.  These supplemental doses of bacteria and enzymes can give your septic system the boost it needs to survive the cold winter months and to ensure it can perform correctly when it comes time for spring and summer.

Dont start your spring off with thousands of  dollars in estimates and repairs.  Take steps today to give your septic system the septic bacteria additive it needs.  40$ is preventative steps can cover your entire winter months.  Don’t roll the dice one more year, it may wind up biting you in the @%#!

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