Leach Field is Collecting Water

Leach Field is Collecting Water?

Follow These Steps to Eliminate Standing Water in your Drain Field

Its that time of the year.  We are opening up the doors and beginning to enjoy the outdoors again.  Activities, dinners and social gathers all seem to revolve around patios, pools and BBQs.  Only as you begin to straighten up and re-mulch the yard for this summers festivities, you are noticing that you leach field is collecting water.

It’s not just the damp soil, of course, the foul odor of sewage is also present in the air and that alone makes you want to go back inside for another 5 months.  The problem, however, is not nearly as difficult to remedy as you may think.  Sure, your septic repair man is going to tell you that your leach field is failing and that you need to put in a new one.  But that doesn’t make it true.

When your leach field is collecting water, what that really means is that the soil is no longer absorbing the water used in your home fast enough.  As a result, water winds up collecting over your leach field, most often at the end of the drain lines.  This is very common and while replacing the system will certainly do the trick, the cost can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

There are other alternatives to restore the soil when the leach field is collecting water.  Septic Shock Treatments, not to be confused with monthly additives like RID X, are powerful boosts of bacteria and enzymes that can digest and liquefy the clogged soil.

What happens is, over the years tiny particles of paper, solid waste, fats, grease etc. make their way out of the septic tank with the effluent (wastewater).  When those tiny particles come in contact with the soil, they are collected, as the soil acts as a natural filter.  Over years and years, these particles accumulate until they form what experts call Bio Mat.  It is a organic layer that collects in the soil.  It acts like a sponge and once saturated, it prevent further liquid from absorbing.

By providing the system a massive boost of bacteria and enzymes, trillions of microbes begin to multiply, eat and digest this organic layer.  It may take a couple weeks to a month to digest through all of the organic build up in the soil, but this alternative saves you thousands and thousands of dollars.  Whats best, is that septic shock treatments will remove odor within a few days.

If your leach field is collecting water, you have a few options to consider.  No one answer is right for everyone.  Do your research, compare septic treatments, and find the solution that best suits your families needs and budget.

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