How Often to Treat Your Septic System

Treat Your Septic System Regularly for Best Results

Many homeowners base their appraisal of their septic system maintenance regimen by how often you pump out the septic tank and by whether or not you have regular back ups or flooding.  While there is some truth in those measuring sticks, there is quite a bit more that is left out.  Knowing how often to treat your septic system and what steps to take as your system gets older, can save you thousands in repair bills.

To begin with, a well functioning septic system DOES NOT NEED to be pumped out.  A well functioning septic system is breaking down solid waste and it is not able to accumulate.   Therefore, there are no solids to have pumped out.  Liquids, if the system is working well should be draining out into the leach or drain field without issue.  So if you need to have your septic tank pumped, you either have a problem, OR the system has not been pumped out in quite some time.

Maintaining regular pump outs is a way to reduce the stress on your septic system, but it does not do anything to maintain proper function.  Bacteria and enzymes are what keep your septic system running.  Bacteria and enzymes break down solid waste, paper, grease and fats that would otherwise accumulate.  By digesting this organic matter into liquid, our septic system is able to process our household waste and return it to the soil as effluent.  The only way to treat your septic system is to give it back the bacteria and enzymes you kill off every day.

When constant use of laundry detergent, anti bacterial soaps, bleach and germ killing cleaners consistently goes down the drain, you must understand that you are going reduce your bacteria and enzymes.  When you consider the cumulative effect over 5, 10, 15 years, you find yourself pumping out your tank more often AND at risk for drain field failure.

Treat your septic system regularly.  Some homeowners opt for automatic monthly maintenance products shipped to the home each and ever month.  This allows you to treat  your septic system without exception and always make sure your system has plenty of bacteria and enzymes to do the job.  Other homeowners choose annual septic shock treatments, such as our top rated septic treatment to blast the system each summer and not be bothered by monthly application.

Truth is that BOTH ways are highly effective.  The key is to make sure that you are providing your system large amounts of  bacteria and enzymes each year.  Whether you put smaller amounts in monthly or massive amounts in annually, your system benefits the same.

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