Septic Defender Septic Products Revew

Septic Defender Septic Treatments Review

Septic Defender is a relatively new face in the septic treatments market, however in the past few years it has become one of the most popular septic treatments on the market.  We thought we would review this best selling treatment and see what all the hype is about.

Septic Defender offers two types of treatments, same as most serious septic products companies.  Shock Treatments, designed to be used on older systems or systems that are backing up or clogged.  These treatments rapidly spread throughout the system, digest anything organic and open up and restore the septic system.  The second type of treatment is the monthly maintenance variety.  These treatments are delivered to you automatically each month, so you are sure to give your septic system the attention it needs.


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What Did Our Tests of Septic Defender Reveal?


One thing is for sure….Septic Defender is for real!  So real, in fact, that we have rated Septic Defender our Best Value Septic Treatment.  Septic defender delivers top of the line treatment on any system in any condition.  From restoring completely clogged and failing leach fields to simply ensuring your systems keeps running smooth, Septic Defender is the option for you.

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Septic Defender offers shock treatments at discounted prices, and their monthly maintenance option helps homeowners avoid costly upfront investment.  A small monthly charge can keep your septic system running properly, and you can feel confident that you are taking the steps to avoid costly replacement in the future.

Septic Defender is a great option to consider, and we certainly recommend that you do!




SeptiCleanse Shock and Maintenance Program

Our Choice for Best Septic Treatment

And the Winner is….SeptiCleanse  Shock and Maintenance Program!

This Two Part Treatment provides homeowners the very best of both worlds.  SeptiCleanse created the  Shock and Maintenance Program to deliver consumers a one stop solution for ALL septic tank problems.

The SeptiCleanse Septic Shock and Maintenance Program includes Your Choice of Shock treatment, designed to restore ALL SEPTIC SYSTEMS. Just choose which one best fits your needs from their treatment buyers guide and your off.  In addition, this system also includes a 6  or 12 month supply of the Monthly Maintenance Program, when used together it ensures a properly functioning system.

Visit the SeptiCleanse Official Website Here.

This septic treatment program impressed us from the very beginning.  To start off with, most septic tank treatment companies offer septic tank shocks, or monthly septic tank treatments.  While they can be purchased separately it can become quite expensive. Not to mention cumbersome for female or elderly homeowners, as many of the “shock” treatments on the market come in large 5 gallon buckets.  (more…)

RID-X Septic Treatment

Summary of RID-X Septic Treatment Review

It is hard to think of septic treatments without the name of RID-X coming to mind.  They have possibly the most visible or best recognized name in the industry.  No website dedicated to providing consumers honest, third party reviews would be complete without a review of RID-X.

What jumps out to you right away when you visit the RID-X website is that the information they contain and the products that they offer are really no different than many of the septic treatments in the market place.  They offer a monthly treatment, no shocks, and you can purchase it in gel pack, powder or liquid format.

Because RID-X is not really designed to help with severe back-ups or flooding systems, we decided to test it on moderately functioning systems.  While it is difficult to measure the strength or effectiveness of a product without visible symptoms of a backed up system, we decided to test it on functioning systems, but ones that had slow running drains and toilets and displayed some of the drain odor common with a backed up system. (more…)

CLR Septic Treatment

Summary of CLR Septic Treatment Review

CLR Septic is a brand that perhaps you have heard of.  They have a number of household cleaning solutions most of which have a fairly decent reputation.  Most notably their Lime Remover Treatment cleans out old shower heads quite effectively returning them to original form.  In this instance, we are discussing the Septic Treatment from CLR.

CLR Septic Treatment comes in an easily handled liquid formula.  It is much easier to deal with than those cumbersome 5 gallon buckets that leave so many homeowners unable to lift or move around.  The treatment is priced very affordably much like the RID X brand; both companies are selling to the masses through storefronts nationwide.

While CLR Septic Treatment is easily accessible any many of your local stores, we were concerned about the fact that we could find very little about what CLR’s method of treatment was, or what exactly we were  putting into our systems.  While the brand name is reputable, we thought it a bit strange that so little information was available. (more…)